“But I don’t really write, I just journal”

  Can I call myself a writer if all I do is “journalling”? Or morning pages? Writing in a writing class but not on my own? YES. I say yes, you can. If you write, you’re a writer. Maybe not a “Writer” (who Writes for a living) or an “Author” (who gets books published and … Continue 

Treaty Buddhists and Beyond

Hello, friends, Buddhism doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and honouring human dignity doesn’t happen only on a meditation cushion. Below, you’ll find a post by Meditation Instructor Alexis Shotwell on being a Treaty Buddhist as a settler on Indigenous land.     Buddhists in North America could choose to be treaty people, people who uphold … Continue 

How and WHY I Started Meditating

Hello readers! Below, you’ll find a piece by poet Mark Frutkin on his “how and why” of first starting a meditation practice, and finding his way to the Shambhala path. Maybe you’ve been on a similar journey, or maybe yours has been completely different – influenced by Buddhists like Courtney Love or Steve Jobs, or … Continue 

Ikebana: Bringing Life to Flowers

  If you have ever wondered about the unusual flower arrangements at our Ottawa Shambhala Centre, you may be interested to learn that they are inspired by Ikebana, the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement. Ikebana, which means “bring life to the flowers,” began in China 2,300 years ago. It arose out of the practice … Continue 

The Generosity of Saying No

    What happens when you see one of those emails? You know the ones I’m talking about. It’s from someone you know, someone you like. Maybe your boss, or a co-worker. Another parent at your kid’s school. One of the folks at the meditation centre. It might be sent to a whole group of … Continue 

How Shambhala changed my life (maybe even saved it)

        I was a serial self-improver. I’ve spent more time in the self-help aisles of more bookstores than I will ever admit. I’ve tried – and failed at – affirmations, talk therapy, behavioral-cognitive therapy, Gestalt therapy, inner child work (if I find my inner child, can I use her as a tax … Continue 

Directors’ Corner – Greetings from New Co-directors

        Welcome to what we hope will be a semi-regular feature – a blog post from the Ottawa Shambhala Centre Co-Directors, Colin Cordner and Loretta Colton. We hope to use these posts as a way of keeping our community informed, to let you know where our priorities and focus are, and to … Continue 

Pain, Suffering and the Four Noble Truths with Suzanne Schecter Côté

Everyone suffers. It seems unavoidable. The Buddha taught that life is suffering, that we experience big suffering as well as ongoing minor suffering and annoyances. The Buddha also taught that there is a way to overcome suffering. How does pain fit into all that? Please join Suzanne Schecter Côté at the Shambhala Centre for a … Continue 

Une expérience sur le coussin de méditation

        Silence. Je ressens mon corps qui repose sur le coussin. Je tousse, bouge les épaules, étale les mains sur mes cuisses. Ma jambe gauche me fait mal ; je la déplace vers la droite ; la douleur s’éteint ; le silence revient. J’inspire, j’expire. Le silence n’est plus qu’un souffle, le … Continue 

Finding the Feminine in Buddhism

Finding the Feminine in Buddhism by Patricia Willoughby                                                                                    Kwan Yin When I was growing … Continue