Programs without a price are free. For those programs with a price listed, please do not let price be an obstacle. Visit our generosity policy page.

When available as an option, your generosity in offering the patron price helps cover the costs for others who are not able to pay the full price. Any amount offered above the Program Price is considered a charitable donation to the centre, and will be included in a tax receipt issued by email in February of the following year.

For programs that have a register button, it is helpful for us if you can indicate your intention to attend by registering ahead of time. In order to prevent duplicate entries in the Shambhala Database, all registrations are reviewed before you will receive a confirmation email.

Our Refund Policy: For convenience you can pay online using a credit card via PayPal. If we cancel the program for any reason, we will give you a full refund. We understand that sometimes after you have pre-paid, you might be unable to attend. We will be happy to refund your payment if you request it at least 24 hours before the program starts. Due to the difference in PayPal charges for purchases and refunds, we charge a nominal amount of $5 for a refund.


Learn to Meditate (In Person Only)

November 1st—June 5th

Taught by our qualified instructors, this basic meditation class is for beginners, as well as anyone who would like to refresh their understanding of the meditation technique. Continue »

Shambhala Online: Victory Over War - A Fresh Look at the Root Dharmas of the Dorje Kasung Path

with Lennart Krogoll & Richard Peisinger

January 28th—May 5th

The motto of the Dorje Kasung is “Victory over War”. War represents the struggle created by the three “poisons” identified by the Buddha: grasping, aggression and ignorance. Victory is acknowledging these poisons and meeting them with insight and loving k Continue »

The Practice of Kindness (hybrid)

with Loretta Colton

April 4th—April 25th - Date postponed or cancelled

"Be kind". Such a simple and powerful instruction. But how do we put it into practice? This 4 week course will consider the meaning of kindness to self and to others, and will work with practices that can cultivate our capacity for kindness. Continue »

Shambhala Online: Being Buddhist - Exploring the Refuge Vow with Gaylon Ferguson

April 6th—April 20th

This three session course explores the moment in a person’s life when they decide to “be Buddhist”— formally, through the practice of taking a vow. If you are considering taking the Refuge Vow, this course will help you understand what you would be commit Continue »

Half Nyinthun – Extended Meditation Session (In Person)

April 21st

This longer session of sitting practice interspersed with walking meditation is a community practice that gives us the opportunity to experience our mind, make friends with our immediate experience and rediscover our natural sanity. Continue »

Making Friends With Your Fears: a Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

May 24th—May 26th

Meditation practice allows us to notice how we sometimes create a cocoon of habits to hide from or ignore our fears. Through meditation, we can begin to make friends with those fears and habits and cut through their ability to control us. Continue »