Our Community

The Ottawa Shambhala Meditation Centre is a non-profit organization supported by members and volunteers. We are part of the Shambhala mandala, a community of over 215 meditation centres and groups around the world with its headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Our centre offers an open and protected environment for meditation practice and study, contemplative arts and disciplines, community gatherings, celebrations, and family events. The Centre first opened in 1977 and has grown to a membership of over 100.

The Ottawa Shambhala Meditation Centre is a place where people come together to study and practise the traditions and teachings of Shambhala. Meditation is our core activity—it is how we connect with our hearts to develop confidence and compassion. In this way, we can be helpful to ourselves and others.

We also emphasize community, and the aspiration that together we can build a genuine society in which everyone flourishes. Our community is friendly and relaxed—a mix of cultures, ages and interests. We welcome and include people from any tradition, religion or background.

Our teachers and meditation instructors are senior, trained practitioners committed to supporting people on their spiritual path. They are an invaluable resource for meditators at all levels of practice.