The Mudra of Green Tara

Green Tara Mudra. …  (Sanskrit “seal”, “mark”or “gesture”; Tibetan: chakgya) is a symbolic or ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism. Most mudras are performed with the hands and fingers.  Each mudra communicates both to the person who performs it and to the observer, aspects of a particular state of mind. The most notable mudras are; … Continue 

Nature Mirrored Within

A recent  invitation to join Mark Frutkin and Hilary Samuel in a workshop entitled Nature Mirrored Within at the Arboretum was irresistible.  I always jump at any opportunity to commune with nature.  So on a Sunday morning a small group of us joined Mark and Hilary at the Arboretum. We began with  a short meditation, … Continue 

Love for All, Hatred for None

Earlier this month Suzanne Schecter coordinated a small  group of us from the Ottawa Shambhala Centre to attend the annual peace conference organized by Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association of Ottawa. The theme of  the conference was the role of religion in the 21st century.   It was held at The Glebe Community Centre  and it was wonderful to meet … Continue 

Arctic Chill

Right mindfulness does not simply mean being aware; it is like creating a work of art. You can therefore trust what you are doing; you are not threatened by anything. You have room to dance in the space, and this makes it a creative situation. The space is open to you. (Chogyam Trungpa) 15 would-be … Continue 

A December Weekthün in Ottawa

So what did you do over the holidays? Well, I attended a silent retreat at the Shambhala Centre. You did what? Why? It’s hard to explain. I felt the need to slow down after the frenzy and materialism of the Christmas season. I needed to get back in touch with myself. And to review the … Continue 


We are having an Open House at the Ottawa Shambhala Meditation Centre on Saturday, January 17, 2015, from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.. This is a great opportunity for people from all over the Capital Region to come to our Centre, meet our community, and learn a little bit about meditation and Shambhala. We encourage … Continue 

New Centre Photos

Our beautiful new Centre at 119 Ross Avenue, Westboro.      

Winter Solstice Celebration – Dec. 20th, 2014

On Saturday, December 20th, 13 children and over 40 adults gathered together at the centre to celebrate Children’s Day and Winter Solstice.  We greeted the King and Queen with song, led by Derek Heffernan. Tejumo Ogouma, the King, and Bozica Costigliola, the Queen, were resplendent in their robes and crowns. They jointly gave a wonderful … Continue 

Community Meditation Retreat – Dec. 27th to 30th

Our Winter community meditation retreat will include sitting and walking meditation, and body awareness practice.  Come whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner. Join us for a day, a few days, or the whole time.  All are welcome, including Shamatha, Shambhala Sadhana, Ngondro, Werma, Scorpion Seal, Vajrayogini and Chakrasamvara practitioners.  Each day, … Continue 

New Centre Opening Celebration

The opening ceremony of the new Ottawa Shambhala Centre located at 119 Ross Avenue was held on December 6, 2014, and marked the official opening of our Centre. More than 60 members and friends attended. After a short Lhasang led by Bozica Costigliola, participants were led into the Centre by Jamie Létourneau, a local bagpiper … Continue