x-Our Shambhala Neighbours

There are a number of nearby centres:

– Montreal Shambhala Centre

– Toronto Shambhala Centre

Mississauga Shambhala Centre

– Karme Chöling Shambhala Retreat Center near Barnet, Vermont.

For a full list of Central Canada programs you can go here or see below.

Where to Buy Cushions

There are often questions about where to get the cushions we have at the centre.  We are unaware of anyone in Ottawa who sells them, but if you know of someone, please contact us.

The cushions are made by Samadhi Cushions in Barnet, Vermont and you can order directly from them.

They are also available from Drala Books and Gifts in Halifax who will ship them.

Programs for Central Canada USA Region

Toronto Shambhala Center

COVID-19 - Update on Shambhala Centre Closure

January 1st—May 31st

To help with public health efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19, the Shambhala Centre will be closed until further notice, starting Monday March 16th. Continue »

Centre de méditation Shambhala de Montréal

Sadhana of Kindness

with Marjolaine Robert

May 3rd—June 7th

A soothing and poignant practice. Continue »

Toronto Shambhala Center

Contentment in Everyday Life: Sunday Evenings Online

with Donald Eckler & Kelly Murphy

May 24th—June 21st

In this five-week, Sunday evening online course, we deepen our meditation experience through the cultivation of contentment and simplicity. Open to all. Continue »

Toronto Shambhala Center

Online - Saturday Morning Dharma Study and Practice: The First Noble Truth of Buddhism

with Dr. Joe Lukezich

May 30th

Join us for this Saturday morning dharma talk and practice session exploring the teachings of the Buddha on meditation as a way of overcoming fear and anxiety. Everyone welcome. Continue »

Toronto Shambhala Center

Shambhala Meditation - Online

with Tom Bell

May 30th

A Saturday afternoon practice session for those who have received the transmission for Shambhala Meditation. Prerequisites apply. Continue »

Ottawa Shambhala Centre

Saka Dawa: Celebration of the Buddha's Enlightenment

with Colin Cordner

June 5th

The Annual Tibetan Celebration of the Birth, Life, and Parinirvana of The Buddha Continue »

Toronto Shambhala Center

Taoist Qigong, Level 3

with Sophie Leger

July 11th—July 12th - Date postponed or cancelled

Taoist qigong is a spiritual discipline that cultivates body and mind simultaneously. Prerequisite: Qigong Levels 1 & 2. Continue »

Toronto Shambhala Center

Taoist Qigong, Levels 1 & 2

with Michael Busby

September 12th—September 13th

Learn how to energetically strengthen both body and mind through Qigong. Open to all. Continue »