The Practice of Kindness (hybrid)

April 4th—April 25th -Date postponed or cancelled

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"Be kind".

Such a simple and powerful instruction. But how do we put it into practice? This 4 week course will consider the meaning of kindness to self and to others, and will work with meditation practices that can cultivate our capacity for kindness. 

We'll practice mindfulness meditation, and traditional Buddhist practices that work with compassion and loving-kindness.  We'll also work with the practice of RAIN as taught by Tara Brach and others. Namely:

Recognize what is going on;
Allow the experience to be there, just as it is;
Investigate with interest and care;
Nurture with self-compassion.

Join us for this inner-exploration of the roots of balanced awareness and compassion for ourselves and others.

About the teacher

Loretta Colton first became interested in meditation in her university days, but it didn’t really stick then. She kept thinking about meditating for another decade or so, until a combination of work stress, personal grief, and a friend's recommendation led her to a Shambhala meditation group in Yellowknife. This time it stuck, and when she re-located to Ottawa in 2006, Loretta joined the Ottawa Shambhala Centre and has been a member ever since. She has held various volunteer roles at the Centre over the years, including co-Director. She has been teaching meditation in the Shambhala tradition since 2012, and she completed the two-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certificate with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield in 2023.