Heart of Recovery (In Person)

April 23rd

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    Our Heart of Recovery group meets in person, every other Tuesday night, concurrently with our Mindfulness and Compassion Practice, It brings together contemplative practice and a commitment to sobriety, while allowing participants to find support in one another.

    Newcomers will learn basic meditation techniques to enhance, not replace, their own recovery program in a familiar and comfortable environment. Experienced meditators will discover new ways to deepen their current practice and recovery program while supporting the group.

    Heart of Recovery is not meant as a replacement for 12-step or other recovery work, but rather as an adjunct which focuses on the 11th step of “Prayer and Meditation”.


    Meeting format includes:

    • sitting practice
    • a topic offering in the form of brief comments or a reading by the facilitator
    • discussion and exploration by group members
    • sharing our personal experience, strength, and hope
    • dedication of merit


    Open to all who are:
    Buddhist practitioners from any tradition, 12 Step practitioners from any program, and individuals interested in exploring the relationship of meditation to recovery from addiction and addictive behaviors
    This meeting is anonymous and attendance is confidential.

    “Sobriety is finding a new way of living that involves engagement where there was withdrawal; generosity where there was self-centeredness; community where there was isolation; joy where there was bitterness; trust where there was cynicism.”
      – Kevin Griffin, One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps


    Donations gratefully accepted.