The Wisdom Of Emotions (In Person)

January 11th—February 15th

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Confused, wild emotions can dominate us in obvious and subtle ways. Without suppressing feelings or acting them out, meditation works with emotions directly. The energy of emotions becomes the basis for developing wisdom and compassion.  Participants in this course will learn to work more skillfully with emotions as they arise, through valuable perspectives and daily practices. 


Doors open at 19h00. Class begins at 19h30. Please arrive early!


About the teacher: Heather Anderson is Shambhala meditation instructor, an Integral Master Coach, a visual artist and Embodiment Facilitator.  In this course, she will weave her experience as a Meditation Instructor, and a Coach working with clients on emotional intelligence and elements of neuroscience. 




Recommended Readings:

How to Meditate, by Pema Chödrön - Chapter 6: Unconditional Friendliness, Chapter 12: Becoming Intimate With Our Emotions; Chapter 13: The Space Within the Emotion

Your emotional vocabulary matters! by Karla McLaren -

Understanding emotional nuance by Karla McLaren -

“Mindfulness and Difficult Emotions”, by Sharon Salzberg -

“A guided reflection on bringing RAIN to difficulty”, by Tara Brach -

“How to Practice Tonglen”, by Pema Chödrön -