Unconditional Beauty: When Heart-Mind-Eye Meet - A Dharma Arts Weekend Workshop in Ottawa

June 1st—June 2nd (2024)

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  • $275.00 Program Price
  • $325.00 Patron Price

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“Genuine art – Dharma art – is simply the activity of nonaggression.”

~ Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche 


Experience and explore the intersection of meditation practice and the creative arts. For artists and non-artists alike we begin with short guided meditations to relax and make simple contact with the body and breath. Perceptual exercises lead us to experience space and silence in new ways. Inspired by natural materials like flowers, ink, colour and Japanese washi papers we can access spontaneous and authentic gestures, text and  brushstrokes.

Come join us in this rare opportunity to explore our creativity.

No previous experience is required.


Program Price: $275.00, includes all supply costs.

Patron Price: $325.00, includes all supply costs.


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Nous serons heureux d’offrir les instructions et les clarifications en Français durant ces ateliers.


Contact for more information: Jessie-Lee Wallace, Coordinator [email protected]




About Your Teachers

Heather Midori Yamada is visual artist and teacher who has been inspired by the teachings of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche since the 1980s.  Her path included Shambhala Training and the Buddha Dharma, Kyudo, hatha yoga and Dharma Art. She spent decades studying with the late Sogetsu Ikebana Master Seibi Watanabe and co-facilitated the Dharma Art programs with the late Stéphane Bédard. As a former Council member and SODEC ( Shambhala Office of Decorum and Culture of the Victoria Shambhala Centre, Heather Midori is delighted to return to Ottawa to reconnect with our individual and collective 'heart of sadness' and beauty. Heather Midori’s meditation in action focuses on Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), brush, ink, and Japanese washi paper inspired by Buddhist meditation practices.  www.artyamada.com

Tejumo Ogouma is a long-time Shambhala buddhist practitioner who devoted many years to the study and application of creative arts in our everyday lives. He is a practicing artist trained in Ikebana in the Sogetsu tradition, Miksang (contemplative photography), and Haiku. www.comtemplativearts.ca