Qigong Workshop

March 5th (2023)

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Join Michael Fahey for a 2-hour introduction to Qigong or refresh your practice after the pandemic hiatus. 

Michael has been teaching yoga for 40 years and Qigong for 20 years. He did Qigong teacher training with Master Li Jun Feng while living in Nova Scotia.


Qigong, often referred to as Chinese Yoga, has many many different forms.

Michael will be introducing the Sheng Zhen, or "unconditional love", practice. In the introduction to this practice, we’ll be beginning with some stretches on a chair, then the sitting Qigong, also in chairs, and finally moving to the standing forms.

This style is movement and non-movement combined; internal and external; physical, as well as spiritual. It benefits the body and your life. It is a moving meditation -  truly a mindfulness practice.

If you have a yoga mat, please bring it. It will keep the chair from sliding.