Qigong Level 3

with Sophie Leger

September 21st—September 22nd

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In this level, students will learn Hua Tu’s Five Animal Forms – Tiger for tendon strength, Bear for bone strength, Deer for preserving generative energy, Monkey for enhanced agility and Bird for improved balance.  Four more Yiquan Standing Qigong postures will be taught, and students begin receiving instruction in The Immortals’ Guide to Self-Massage and Breath Regulation, as well as Red Phoenix Calisthenics.  These qigong systems are practices for removing blockages in the meridians, aligning the spinal column for optimal circulation of qi, and strengthening tendons, bones and muscles.

Please register early to ensure the class goes ahead. Space is limited, preference will be given to those paying in advance.

$250 for first timers, $125 for those repeating the level, we honor the generosity policy.

Prerequisite: Level 1&2