Qigong Level 1 & 2

with Michael Busby

November 16th—November 17th

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Level 1 – In this level students will be introduced to techniques of massaging, kneading and stretching from the Xiantianwujimen School, two postures of the Yiquan Standing Qigong for gathering and circulating energy, and two sleeping qigong postures for conserving and nourishing energy. 

Level 2 – In this level students will learn the Nine Self-Massage system and the Twelve Devas Tendon Changing Postures in their entirety.  The self-massage exercises focus on nourishing the internal organs and facilitating the circulation of qi in the meridians.  The twelve tendon-changing postures are powerful techniques that work on recovering flexibility, strength, and softness in the joints, muscles and tendons.

About Michael Busby: Michael Busby is authorized to teach qi gong by Dr. Eva Wong -- 19th-generation lineage carrier of Xiantianwujimen Daoism (Pre-celestial Limitless Gate School of Daoism) and 3rd-generation student of Wang Xiangzhai, founder of Yiquan. He has been practicing and studying qigong with Dr. Wong for ten years. He is the owner of Via Tiempo tea shop. In addition to Daoist Qigong, he also studies meditation and martial arts. He enjoys living a simple life with his wife Trinley and cat Buster in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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$250 for first timers, $125 for those repeating the level, we honour the generosity policy