Winter City Retreat: Slowing Down, Letting Go

with David Fowler

December 26th—January 1st

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Life in today’s world is so demanding. Between work, school, and social time we barely can keep up with our Netflix shows that everyone is watching! We can easily get seduced into a “getting things done” mentality while never really questioning if all those things need to be done.

Featuring several local Shambhala meditation instructors, this City Weekthun retreat is an opportunity to really slow down and let all of that go. Through the practices of meditation and contemplation, you will be able to take the time to really examine what is important, what can be released, and begin to have an overall sense of what it means to live with intention. The director of the weekthun, David Fowler, is excited to be joined by Loretta Colton, Cathy Baerg, and Katrina Burton who will be assisting throughout the weekthun giving talks, meditation instruction, and holding one-on-one discussions.

All practitioners are invited to join in this week of spacious mind. A city weekthun is a unique opportunity to deepen one's meditation practice without going far from home. New and experienced meditators are welcome.

Come to the centre to practice shamatha and contemplation for anywhere from 2 to 7 days. We'll let go of our relationship with the external world so that we can relax into a deep retreat of just being.

The practice of sitting meditation slows our torrent of thoughts and distractions and uncovers the stable, clear and potent quality of our mind. Adapted from the month-long Shambhala dathun, the city weekthun is an opportunity for us to connect deeply with meditation while relating it directly with our regular life. For the duration of the program, participants are encouraged to participate in a media "fast" to increase the power of the retreat experience.

The program is offered from December 26 to January 1 inclusive from 9am-6pm.

Complete participation in the program will count as meeting the weekthun requirement for advanced programs, such as Enlightened Society Assembly & Shambhala Guide Training.  It will also count as one week towards completion of the dathun requirement.

Partial attendance may be possible, but preference will be given to those who attend the entire retreat and have pre-paid. The cost per day is $60. The minimum attendance is for two days. On the arrival day please come early (by 8:40am) so you can meet with someone for orientation. We will contact all registrants to confirm the days you will attend. Of course, we want people to attend so you can always welcome to offer what you can.

Last year, the weekthun was full. Please register early to avoid being disappointed. Please indicate in the comments how many days you plan to attend.

Several of the days of the weekthun will be in functional talking or in noble silence; there will be a sign on the front door indicating this. Please help support the practitioners by respecting the boundaries around talking.

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