Health & Well Being

Women in Buddhism: Online Dharma Dialogues

with Acharya Holly Gayley

September 27th—December 6th

Join us for a series of interactive and conversational forums on Women in Buddhism to explore issues of patriarchy, agency and resilience. Continue »

Renew and Restore: A Yoga and Meditation Retreat

with Alexis Shotwell

November 24th

How can we sustain and nourish our own capacity to be present with our life? What does it mean to bring a quality of gentleness and vitality to our everyday experiences? In this day-long practice intensive, we will experience the benefits of restorative y Continue »

Vowing Not To Burn Out

with Alexis Shotwell, Sheila Craig, Sean Dillon

November 25th

Our lives can feel completely overwhelming - sometimes this is simply because we meet so many challenges in just being alive, but also we can feel like we’re drowning when we are giving a lot of ourselves to things we care about and love. We burn out. Bur Continue »

Qigong Review, Levels 1 and 2 with Cathy Baerg

December 1st

Do you need a refresher on the forms you learned in Levels 1 and 2? Have you lost connection with your qigong practice? Or are you just interested to do a good, solid session of qigong? Continue »