Making Friends with Death

with Suzanne Schecter Côté

21 février—28 mars (2018)

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Open to everyone

$120 or $20 a session

Why do Buddhist speak so much about death? Why do we treat it as a mistake when it explodes into our lives? What is the relation between birth, old age, sickness and death?

An exploration of death from a Buddhist perspective, this program is for anyone who wonders how to deal with dying and wishes to understand the place of death in our lives. It will be given in a seminar format of brief talks, readings, contemplations, discussions and meditation.

A bibliography will be distributed at the first class. While it is recommended that participants plan to attend all the sessions, people may join in as they are available.


  1. Basic Buddhist teachings about death

  2. Karma - Rebirth - 6 Realms of existence

  3. Preparing for your own death from a spiritual perspective

  4. Accompanying someone who is dying

  5. Preparing for your own death from a practical perspective

  6. Planning for the aftermath: simplifying things for your survivors


 Teacher: Suzanne Schecter Côté has been a student of Shambhala Buddhism since the 1980s. She has found the teachings on death to be most helpful in some significant difficulties she has encountered in her life, including the deaths of close family members.