Saka Dawa: The Celebration of the Buddha's Enlightenment

with Colin Cordner

May 26th

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(Notre pratique aura lieu en anglais, mais notre célébration sera bilingue!)

Saka Dawa (Tibetan), also known as Vesak Day, is a major, buddhist holiday which commemorates three major events in the life of Shakyamuni Buddha: his birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana. (Think of it as a combined Xmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter - a pretty big deal!) On this occasion, all are warmly welcomed to commemorate the Buddha's life, Awakening, teaching, and death - and to reconnect with our own paths and inspiration to work with our minds and hearts.

Come to practice together, and share stories of The Path, one's own way to the Dharma, or offerings of music or poetry to lighten and celebrate the occasion! Our practice will consist mainly in a guided visualization practice.

A donation of $5 is always warmly appreciated! This commemoration is open to everyone and anyone of all ages, so please feel welcome to share!

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