What the Buddha Taught: The Four Noble Truths

with Alexis Shotwell

January 14th—February 4th

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"We can actually declare that, as nontheistic Buddhists, we can free the whole world from pain. That's the greatest news. And we are doing it properly, rather than by worshipping somebody or going into a trance. We actually do it methodically, scientifically, psychologically to ourselves. Then, in turn, we expand that news to others, which is very definite and very ordinary. At the same time, it is quite remarkable."

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

From a 1978 talk on The Four Noble Truths

Buddhism’s famed four truths are called noble because they have the power to liberate us from suffering.  They are one of the Buddha’s foundational teachings, encapsulating the entire Buddhist path.  In this first class of a four part series we will investigate the causes of suffering and the many ways that suffering manifests in ourselves and the world around us.  By understanding theses truths we may glimpse the possibility of freedom from suffering and take this profound understanding into our daily lives.

The class will include talks, discussion, questions, meditation, and contemplation.