Winter Retreat: Love in Challenging Times: The Practice of the Four Immeasurables

with Cathy Baerg & Katrina Burton

December 27th—December 31st

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Come join us for a 5-day retreat dedicated to cultivating our four natural wonders of the heart: friendliness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity.  Together with the practices of mindfulness and investigation, these four inter-related qualities help us find a path through our frenetic lives and lead to healing, awakening and freedom in our fractured world. 

This winter retreat is the perfect opportunity to deepen one's meditation practice and awaken the seeds of loving-kindness and compassion that have always been within us. It is an ideal way to close off the year so we can start fresh in 2020. The schedule includes sitting and walking meditation, morning and evening chants, contemplation, talks, and discussion.

New and experienced meditators are welcome to come to the centre to practice anywhere from 2 to 5 days. Lunch will be provided. In the comments box, please let us know of any food restrictions. Our center is nut and seed free. Participants are encouraged to join in a media "fast" for the duration of the program,

Partial attendance may be possible, but preference will be given to those who attend the entire retreat and have pre-paid. The cost per day is $60. The minimum attendance is for two days. On the arrival day please come early (by 8:40am) so you can meet with someone for orientation. We will contact all registrants to confirm the days you will attend. 

Please register early to avoid being disappointed and indicate in the comments which days you plan to attend.

Part of the retreat will be in functional talking or in noble silence; there will be a sign on the front door indicating this. Please help support the practitioners by respecting the boundaries around talking.