Committing to not burn out: Friendly to ourselves, merciful towards others

with Alexis Shotwell

December 7th—December 8th

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How can we sustain and nourish our own capacity to be present with our life? What does it mean to bring a quality of gentleness and vitality to our everyday experiences?

The Saturday session will focus on settling and grounding our experience through sitting and walking meditation. We will focus on teachings grounded in Pema Chodron’s work on bodhisattva activity. We will practice the easeful experience of caring using this framework, with time for discussion about the space between caring for ourselves and caring for others.

Sunday will look at what it means to commit to not burn out as a way of practicing kindness to ourselves. When we begin to tune in to the vast suffering in this world, and when we commit to offering ourselves towards the practice of creating a society that can support dignity and joy, we may become overwhelmed. We may respond to the vastness of the task we have taken up by working so hard that we collapse, or we might become dispirited, or angry at others who aren’t working as hard as we are. People who experience harms because of social relations of oppression - in terms of race, class, disability, gender, sexuality, immigration status, and more - often experience this danger more acutely, for a whole range of reasons. In a recent article, Mushim Ikeda says that we who care about this world might do well to take a “vow not to burn out.” In this retreat, we’ll discuss what this provocation might mean for us. How can we take care of ourselves in order to take care of the world and all the beings in it?

With a combination of deep sitting meditation, gentle engagement exercises, and time for reflection, this  retreat offers a time for us to rejuvenate and to set practices to avoid burnout and cultivate inspiration in our lives.

All welcome!

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