Tonglen – Compassion in Action (The Practice that Makes Compassion Real)

with Mark Frutkin & Heather Anderson

October 10th—October 24th

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Based on the profound teachings by Pema Chrodon, Tonglen, an ancient Tibetan practice, means ‘sending and receiving’. The
fundamental practice is a radical twist on the way that ego usually thinks and acts. In
tonglen, we breathe in what is difficult and painful; we breathe in the suffering of
others. We breathe out spaciousness, ease, happiness—the things that help dispel
suffering. In acting to dispel the sufferings of others, we also dispel our fear of our
own suffering. In this way, it gets to the absolute heart of compassion in action and
makes compassion real.

Tonglen practice and the course is limited to those who have a fairly good grounding and experience in meditation practice.

Please register by October 1st. It really helps if you register early so we can plan accordingly.