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Membership Coordinator, membership@shambhalaottawa.ca
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Volunteer Coordinator, volunteer@shamhbalaottawa.ca

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Way of Shambhala and Shambhala Training:
· WOS 1 & Heart of Warriorship, wos1@shambhalaottawa.ca
· WOS 2 & Sacred Path, wos2@shambhalaottawa.ca
Bodhi School for Children, bodhischool@shambhalaottawa.ca
Activités francophones, franco@shambhalaottawa.ca
Shambhala Art, art@shambhalaottawa.ca
Daoist Qigong, qigong@shambhalaottawa.ca
Queer Dharma, queerdharma@shambhalaottawa.ca

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All other requests, information@shambhalaottawa.ca