Nature Mirrored Within

A recent  invitation to join Mark Frutkin and Hilary Samuel in a workshop entitled Nature Mirrored Within at the Arboretum was irresistible.  I always jump at any opportunity to commune with nature.  So on a Sunday morning a small group of us joined Mark and Hilary at the Arboretum. We began with  a short meditation, then Mark led us in evoking each of our senses, the better to experience our surroundings.   In single file we moved into a contemplative walk.

Hilary invited us to pick one feature of the green space around us and to examine it thoroughly; some people studied the root system of trees; others lay on the grass under the leafy canopy.  I myself hugged a willow tree. Then we paired up and shared our experiences.  My partner had found a crab apple tree which brought him back to his childhood home. I told him why willow trees are special to me, because my name “Willoughby” means “by the willow” and also because, being quite tall, I am often described as being “willowy”.

We were so absorbed in sharing our stories that we lost track of time. We found it hard to believe that only two hours had passed. All agreed that we hoped to have more outdoor workshops in the furure,  maybe even in Gatineau Park.

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