Arctic Chill

Four Dignities in Main Shrine Room

Right mindfulness does not simply mean being aware; it is like creating a work of art. You can therefore trust what you are doing; you are not threatened by anything. You have room to dance in the space, and this makes it a creative situation. The space is open to you. (Chogyam Trungpa)

15 would-be poets braved the frigid temperatures in Ottawa last Saturday night to attend the Genuine Tongue Waltz, a written word event guided by Mark Frutkin. Here is the exquisite corpse poem  composed together.
Arctic Chill
Arctic chill makes me think of Sam McGee’s
Cremation. So definite. Nothing left, or so it seems.
I gather my forces, dragging myself into the daylight but
You and I got nothing, baby.
Baby dragons blow the cutest
Smoke rings. Blown, lifting, and teasing usual visions.
Visions rise before my eyes and I stand in awe.
Awe, what creation I can create.
Spirit bear through the brush, white fur sparkling and
Shining in the dark and the light simultaneously
Simultaneously breath in and out, we’re together.
Together they sat in silence contemplating the future, each aware of the
Possibility of a richness beyond imagining
Imagining that space really holds me.
Me and my shadow.