Winter Solstice Celebration – Dec. 20th, 2014

On Saturday, December 20th, 13 children and over 40 adults gathered together at the centre to celebrate Children’s Day and Winter Solstice.  We greeted the King and Queen with song, led by Derek Heffernan.

Tejumo Ogouma, the King, and Bozica Costigliola, the Queen, were resplendent in their robes and crowns. They jointly gave a wonderful teaching on the meaning of Shambhala and basic goodness.

The children read poems and made offerings to the four dignities, as Octavia interpreted each of the dignities in dance. The King and Queen presented each child with a gift, and we all joined in singing ‘This Little Light of Mine’. The celebration continued with a delicious potluck supper, conversation and dancing.

Special thanks to Brittan Fell for coordinating the children’s offerings and ceremony. Also, thank you to all the amazing volunteers and participants.


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