The Passing of Rosalind Grant

Sadly, Rosalind Grant, Assistant Director of the Mississauga Shambhala Centre and a founding member and leader of the Hamilton Shambhala group died last Friday. Rosalind was loved by all who knew her as she was a compassionate, generous, kind and gracious woman. Rosalind was slated to become the Director of the Mississauga Centre this Spring. Those who recently spent time with Rosalind were awed by her indomitable spirit as well as her bravery and curiosity.


I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to practice with Rosalind, and also to learn from her – she taught me how to coordinate programs in the most wonderful way. Her patience and humour stand out in my mind, which helped to transform it into a joyful experience.


Henry Chapin will be performing a Shing Kam, Pure Realm of Shambhala Ceremony for Rosalind on Wednesday evening in Mississauga. We will miss you, beloved Sangha Sister, but you will always be in our hearts.


Joanne Alexander